"The MG: MicroStep's showpiece"

About Dcouplaser

Dcouplaser in Florennes specialises in the laser cutting of steel sheets and tubes. What started very locally has since grown into a company operating in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and France. With more than 50 years of experience, they have the necessary know-how, but also the right automation and machinery. They have four laser cutting machines, four bending machines, a welding robot and, more recently, a MicroStep plasma cutting machine.

At Dcouplaser, they are not sitting still. In less than 15 years, they went from a workshop of 750 m² to one of 12,000 m². They can count on 60 employees, with a team of 40 skilled workers working 24/7.

To facilitate growth, they not only need a good workplace and a solid crew. They also invest in efficient equipment.

They recently bought a MicroStep plasma cutter with a working surface of 12 by 3 metres from Wouters Cutting & Welding. The MG: MicroStep’s showpiece.

“We chose this machine because of the word-of-mouth publicity about its qualities and because it is represented in Belgium by a reliable company we can count on,” says Frédéric Demarche.

Their MG features the following technologies:

  • Drilling up to 40mm, tapping up to M33
  • Bevel plasma cutting head equipped with a Kjellberg SmartFocus 400 plasma source for cutting steel thicknesses up to 60 mm
  • Oxyfuel burner for cutting thicknesses up to 200 mm
  • Pneumatic marker for marking metal parts

Coarse artillery. Yet the machine stands out with its dynamic character and clever design. The gantry runs on linear guides, minimising vibrations and ensuring perfect cutting results every time. The MG is built for heavy, industrial cutting, where the highest performance, precision and speed are essential.

Three staff members received extensive training. Step by step, they learned all facets of the MicroStep machine. This way, they maximise the machine’s output and minimise delays or even errors.

“We have not yet had to call on Wouters Cutting & Welding’s maintenance service, but we know we can count on them,” Frédéric adds.

The choice of MicroStep is also one that Wouters Cutting & Welding supports.

“We have been working with MicroStep since their launch in 1999. This Slovak company offers quality and above all ensures the continuous development of their machines, which guarantees us success for many years to come,” concludes Nic Wouters.

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