Metaalwerken MG

"I save loads of time with the Swift-Cut"

About Metaalwerken MG

Metaalwerken MG is a one-man business specialised in metal constructions, for both private and professional purposes. One day they’re making carports, the next they’re working on industrial applications and doing maintenance.

There’s always plenty of work. Working efficiently is therefore a must to deliver everything on time. Metaalwerken MG had two options:

  • Cutting and drilling plates by hand
  • Ordering plates in bulk and in the right size


Especially in industrial environments, time tends to be tight. When you place an express order for plates, delivery costs are high.

The solution? Your own cutting table. And owner Gert Martens found it at WCW.

“I had bought a punching machine in the past, but I had to stay near the machine while it was in operation. Now I can load a plate onto the Swift-Cut and the machine does all the work on its own.”

“I had 3 alternatives, but in the end the Swift-Cut was the most affordable machine that gave me reliability and suited my situation.”

Meanwhile, Gert has been using the Swift-Cut for a while now. How is it performing?

The machine does what it is supposed to do. For more precise cutting, a waterjet is still a little more precise, but for what I do, I don’t necessarily need that detailed finish (WCW also sells waterjet machines, ed.). Our Swift-Cut Pro is perfect for construction work all round.”

“I had a small technical problem once. You can manually move the table in 3 speeds: fast, slow or by mm. A while ago, that slowest setting was a bit shaky, so I immediately called WCW. Through Teamviewer, they saw that an update had not been implemented correctly. A few minutes later, the problem was solved. They were able to fix it in no time.”

“If I need another cutting table in the future, I’m sure Wouters will be one of the first places I’ll look.”

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